Nick Oelsner

Creative Frontend Developer


Vail Epix Mix App screenshots

Vail EpicMix Time Forecast

Work Project • React • Redux

Infura Lootbox landing page

Infura/ConsenSys Lootbox

Work Project • Three.js • Next.js • Web3

Infura sample project transaction lesson

Infura Example Projects

Work Project • Ethereum • Infura API • IPFS • Smart Contracts

F3 Cycling landing page

F3 Cycling

Work Project • Shopify

Coachella Mirage sample landing page

Personal Project • Next.js • SCSS pour-over recipe page

Personal Project • Next.js • SCSS

Project New Citizen dashboard

Project New Citizen

Open Source • React • Node.js • MongoDB • Express

About Me

Nick Oelsner

Hi, I’m Nick.

I grew up in Colorado and went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I studied Civil Engineering. After I graduated, I moved to the Bay Area and worked at a civil engineering firm on complex infrastructure projects, but I discovered that I was much more passionate about programming.

I graduated from a coding bootcamp (Fullstack Academy) in 2020 and in 2021 I quit my Civil Engineering job to be a developer. I currently work as a software engineer at Mondo Robot - a digital agency where we get to work on tons of cool projects with a variety of clients.

Outside of work you can find me in the climbing gym, hanging out with my wife, Katherine, or in my garage working on a project. I have two cats, a dog, and fur on all of my clothes. I love building things, whether it’s websites, Lego sets, woodworking, IKEA furniture, you name it. I’m a big coffee nerd and have way too many gadgets and gizmos for making the perfect cup. I really enjoy being outside and active: hiking, biking, soccer, skiing, and lots more.